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Indian Fashion:
One of the young advertising managers currently has attire that he informs he is eager to show off. The guy’s wardrobe comprises a number of outfits right from strict business costumes to sports coats and sweaters and also a number of conventional outfits such as achkans, jodhpuris or shewanis and not counting his usual jeans, shirts and cotton pants.

The manager states that he has a feeling of being a business tycoon in case he puts on a business costume to a vital meeting rather than the ordinary shirt and jeans. He feels more secure when he has nice clothes on and his clients consider him to be more serious. And the most suitable detail of it is that outfit now longer extremely expensive. He can enter a store and purchase a trendy suit of the stand and mustn’t pay huge sums of money.
As for conventional Indian clothing, the advertising manager informs that if he wears a sherwani to a marriage ceremony, he can notice the girls furtively eyeing him. They consider him to be the new generation Indian man who is up to date but is pride of being conventional.
Indian Model, Actress
A number of other young people take pleasure in dressing in conventional Indian clothes. A lot of new fashionable details are at present being established by leading style designers and style houses. They are customized using nice fabrics and are overstated heavily, plus make the customer look stylish, classy and smart. A great number of Indian men are at present looking forward to holidays, weddings and usual ceremonies, because it gives them an opportunity to dress up and get pleasure from as much as their female equals.
Indian Model, Actress
Indian Model, Actress
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