Ayyan Ali

Ayyan Ali Pakistani Hot Model
Ayyan Ali Info:
Date of birth: July 30, 1993
Star : Leo
Gender :  Female
Occupation : Model,  Television Actor
Birthplace: Dubai,United Arab Emirates
Nationality: Pakistani 
Hair : Black
Eye Color :Black
Languages : English, Urdu
Height: 5’6

Ayyan Ali Pakistani Hot Model
Ayyan Ali Bio:
This Pakistani female model has proved that she is the best in multidimensional array of fashion. Fashion model, Ayyan looks completely wonderful above all her good height makes her even more demanding in Pakistani fashion Industry. Fashion model, Ayyan has reached the peaks of success in a very short time and proved that she is the best successful model.because she is really caring and hard working in her field.
In very short span of time, Ayyan has worked with major Brands including National and International. She has got perfect figure, attractive body features and amazing sense of humor. Have a look at these Stunning and beautiful pictures of Pakistani model Ayyan. She is one Pakistani sexy models.
Ayyan Ali Pakistani Fashion Model
Beauty of the Year 2010:
Ayyan Ali won the title of Calvin Klein ‘Beauty of the Year 2010’ and also became brand ambassador for the same label. Ayyan Ali was also nominated for “Best Female Model” in Lux style awards 2011 and “Best Female Emerging Model” in 2010. Pakistani Model Ayyan Ali has also done some international photo shoots. Ayyan Ali describes herself as a freelancer model and wish to work with everyone in the industry. I wish Ayyan Ali good luck with her career.
Ayyan Ali Pakistani Top Model
Ayyan Ali Pakistani Beautiful Model

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